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Awning Accessories You Need For Your Patio

Awning Accessories You Need For Your Patio

Consider your patio more than just extra space — it can be a fully functional outdoor room. While a quality awning gives you shade and shelter, the right accessories can add lighting, sound and even heat to make your outdoor area truly versatile. By enhancing your awning with various accessories, you’re not just improving your patio, you’re upgrading your whole outdoor living experience.

In this article, we take a look at some of the most popular accessories to enhance your awning.

Awning accessories you need for your patio

Types Of Awning Accessories Available

Awning Lighting

Awning lighting is a popular accessory

Built-in LED lighting for your awning lets you control the brightness, making your patio suitable for any occasion. Whether it’s a romantic dinner or a late-night party, adjustable lighting makes your outdoor space more versatile and enjoyable.

Awning Sound Systems

Awning sound systems

Built-in sound systems can be integrated discreetly into the structure of your awning, ensuring your favourite tunes are ready at a moment’s notice. 

Awning Heating

Awning heating

Don’t let the cold ruin your evening. You can extend your cooler outdoor sessions with awning heaters. Using energy-efficient infrared technology, these heaters disperse warmth uniformly, ensuring you and your guests stay cosy through autumn and winter evenings.

Automatic Sensors

Awning sensors

Wind and sun sensors are a godsend for anyone on a busy schedule. These sensors extend or retract the awning based on weather conditions, offering protection even when you’re away. 

Wireless Transmitters

Wireless Transmitters

In our fast-paced world, convenience is a necessity. Wireless transmitters bring your awning controls right into your smartphone, allowing you to control the awning’s settings without moving from your comfy chair.

Awning Side Screens

Awning side screens

A burst of wind can turn a relaxing afternoon into a chaotic scene of flying napkins and tipped glasses. Awning side screens can be used to block the wind and keep the peace.

Benefits Of Awning Accessories

While awnings already provide shade and aesthetic value, accessories elevate your patio even further. Lighting sets the mood, heating extends usability and automatic sensors offer an added layer of convenience and safety. Simply put, accessories make your patio more functional and enjoyable year-round.

Outdoor Living at Outershade

Awning installation by Outershade

At Outershade, our awnings and accessories work in tandem to deliver a seamless blend of style and function. Explore our diverse range of awning accessories here to elevate your outdoor living to the next level. 

We transform outdoor spaces across London and the home counties, including Surrey, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Berkshire and Kent. Request a free quote today and let us craft your dream outdoor space. Because with Outershade, you’re not just buying an awning — you’re investing in a lifestyle. 

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