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Awning Cassette Types Explained

Awning Cassette Types Explained

Outdoor awnings are more than just functional — they add aesthetics, value and comfort to your home. With Outershade, you can customise your awnings in thousands of combinations to create a premium awning that’s truly one of a kind.

While you may be thinking about the various fabric options, it’s also important to consider the type of cassette you might want. There are many types, each with their own advantages. 

Discover which awning cassette is right for you in this month’s article.

Awning cassette types explained

What Is An Awning Cassette?

At its core, an awning cassette is the protective housing that the awning retracts into. It’s the component that shields the fabric and mechanism from external hazards such as weather and debris. A cassette can determine the longevity of your awning, and its style can add a decorative touch.

Awning Cassette Types

Full Cassette Awning

Full cassette awning

Full cassettes offer the most comprehensive protection. When retracted, the awning’s fabric and mechanism are entirely enclosed within the cassette. This type of cassette protects your awning from rain, snow, dust and UV rays, ensuring maximum longevity. It has a sleek, modern appearance, making it a popular choice for those seeking both functionality and aesthetics.

Open Cassette Awning

Open cassette awning

An open cassette is the opposite of the full cassette. While it offers a protective barrier at the top, the awning, when retracted, remains partly exposed. While this does mean a slight reduction in protection from the elements, open cassettes are often preferred for their rustic or traditional aesthetic.

Semi Cassette Awning

Semi cassette awning

As the name suggests, a semi-cassette awning strikes a balance between full and open cassettes. When the awning is retracted, the top and some sides are protected, but the underneath remains slightly exposed. It offers more protection than an open cassette but retains a traditional charm, making it a versatile choice for many homeowners.

What is The Difference Between Half Cassette And Full Cassette Awnings?

The terms “semi” or “half” cassette are often used interchangeably, referring to awnings that provide protection that lies somewhere between a full and open cassette. While a full cassette completely encloses the awning, a half or semi-cassette will shield the top and perhaps some of the sides, but not the entirety of the awning. The choice between the two often boils down to personal preference.

Choosing The Right Awning For You

Choose the right awning

When deciding on an awning cassette, consider the climate of your location, the placement of the awning and your design preferences. Do you prioritise maximum protection? Or is the appearance more critical? Are you trying to achieve a modern look or a traditional charm?

For homes in areas with unpredictable weather, a full cassette may be more suitable. However, if you’re looking to add a touch of classic beauty, an open or semi-cassette might be the way to go.

No matter your choice, it’s essential to invest in quality. Outershade offers a range of high-quality awnings tailored to your needs. Our team ensures that your chosen awning not only enhances the beauty of your outdoor space but stands the test of time.

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