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Benefits of Carports for Your Driveway

Benefits of Carports for Your Driveway

Garages are out. Carports are in. The newest way to store your car is now available with Outershade. Our carports combine sleek glass panels with a robust aluminium frame to create the perfect space to store your car.

In addition to looking great, carports offer a variety of benefits. Take a look at just some of the reasons why homeowners up and down the country are adding a carport to their outdoor space.

Protection from the elements

Carports do more than just store your car — they protect them too. The overhead glass panels protect your car from the elements, preventing paint fading, hailstone damage and general weathering.

Vehicle storage

The carport is a great solution if you’ve run out of places to store your car. While many homes have garages, some only fit one or two cars — and some homes have no garage at all. A carport will give you a dedicated parking space away from the road.

Plus, a garage isn’t always an ideal place to store your car. Garages can get dingy and mouldy fairly quickly. Carports offer similar space to a garage but with superior air circulation. This will help moisture to dry rather than stay attached to your vehicle.


When is a carport not a carport? Whenever you want it to be! Carports are great for storing your car but they can have multiple uses. When your car isn’t parked in the carport, you can use the sheltered outdoor space to host BBQs or simply lounge around in the sun.

Keeps your car visible

Carports allow you to keep an eye on your car at all times. Unlike a garage, where you won’t know if something has happened to your car until the next time you enter, carports keep your car visible and safe. You can keep an eye on any wrongdoing, making it a deterrent to vandalism or theft.

Suitable for different types of vehicle

A carport needn’t only be for your car. You can also use a carport for vans, motorbikes and houseboats. At Outershade, we design bespoke carports made to your specific requirements. So no matter how large or how small your vehicle is, we can install the perfect-sized carport for you.

Energy efficiency

Carports are contemporary, minimal and energy efficient. Unlike a traditional garage, carports eliminate the need for electric door openers or lighting. This will reduce your overall energy bill, making carports more than just a luxury — they’re an investment.

Stylish design

Carports aren’t just practical, they’re aesthetically pleasing too. At Outershade, we use only high-quality materials to provide a sleek and luxurious finish. The result is a stunning frame and sleek glass panels that look great on every home. The structure can improve the overall appearance of your property, making it more desirable and boosting its value.

Outershade are proud to install bespoke carports for customers across London and the home counties, including Surrey, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Berkshire and Kent. All our carports are made to your requirements using only the best materials. You can even add an awning and a range of additional extras to personalise your carport even further.

Get yourself a carport today. Contact our team to place your order or for more information.

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