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Can Awnings be Used in the Rain?

Can Awnings be Used in the Rain?

High-quality awnings will provide greater weather protection than low-quality alternatives. Thanks to their premium build and fabrics, high-quality awnings can be used at any time of year — including during periods of heavy rainfall.

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In this article, discover all you need to know about waterproof awnings — including how you can get your hands on one.

Are awnings waterproof?

Almost all high-quality awnings and their included fabrics are water-resistant to a high level as standard. While it is possible to increase water resistance by ordering specially coated fabrics, this is usually not necessary. For best results, you should pitch your awning to a 14-degree angle. This subtle slant allows rainwater to run off the awnings, preventing pooling and keeping the fabric secure. 

Another key feature of a high-quality awning is its tightened fabric. Tight fabric also prevents water from pooling by facilitating runoff. Even in heavy rainfall, the combination of high-quality materials, 14-degree pitch and tightened fabric will ensure you can sit in your garden comfortably and without fear of your awning getting damaged.

If you do want further protection against rain, you can opt for a fabric with a water-resistant coating. These fabrics are specifically designed to repel water, giving them increased protection during bouts of heavy rain. In addition to the fabrics, many high-quality awnings include waterproof components. Waterproof components are ideal for use in heavy rain. You can sit under your awning on rainy days without fear of the components rusting or failing.

Every awning at Outershade features high-quality aluminium and stainless steel components that are permanently weatherproof, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor living space in any weather.

Do waterproof awnings cost more?

Awnings with water-resistant fabrics and components typically come at a premium — but can actually save you money in the long run. High-quality awnings are far more durable and long-lasting than lower quality alternatives, so just a single awning should last for many years. 

If you want a standard fabric replaced with a treated, waterproof fabric, you may need to pay more. Discuss your choice of fabric with your awning supplier to find out more. At Outershade, we offer thousands of design combinations on our awnings, including your choice of fabric.

Where can I get waterproof awnings?

For awnings with the best weather resistance, choose awnings from a trusted supplier of premium awnings. At Outershade, we offer high-quality awnings with permanently weatherproofed components. Our awnings are built to last and can be enjoyed come rain or shine. Choose your ideal awning and fabric from thousands of combinations, plus a range of additional extras to suit your tastes and lifestyle.

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