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Do You Need Planning Permission for an Awning?

Do You Need Planning Permission for an Awning?

There are many property alterations and installations that require planning permission. For some alterations, like multi-storey extensions, planning permission is expected. However, for many smaller changes, it’s not as clear cut. Awnings are one of those installations, and their status pertaining to planning permission will depend on a number of factors. 

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In this article, discover whether you would need planning permission to install an awning at your home or business.

Do I need planning permission to install an awning on a residential property?

It is rare that an awning will need planning permission if it is to be installed on a residential property. It is a general rule that you don’t need planning permission if you aren’t creating a usable space.

However, there are circumstances where you will need planning permission. 

  • If your awning extends over or encroaches on your neighbour’s boundary, you may need to get planning permission. This includes if the awning is positioned so that rainwater will run off the surface and into your neighbour’s boundary.  When planning where to place your awning, consider how it could impact your neighbours. Aside from having to get planning permission, you don’t want to damage your friendships. 
  • You may also need to get planning permission if your property is a listed building or you live in a conservation area. If you’re unsure, contact your local authority before starting the installation.

Do I need planning permission to install an awning on a commercial property?

Unlike residential properties, most awnings to be installed on commercial premises will require planning permission. This is because the awning may extend into public areas such as roads or pavements and present a hazard to the general public.

You may also need planning permission if your awning will display your business’ branding and logos. An awning displaying commercial branding is classed as advertising, so will require approval from the relevant authority.

If you have already installed an awning on your commercial premises and are simply getting a replacement, you will not need to get planning permission as long as it is a like-for-like change. However, if you are upgrading your awning to a larger one, it may still require planning permission.

It’s important to note that each council will have their own specific requirements for planning permission. If you’re unsure if you need planning permission for your awning, contact your local authority.

Planning is key to ensuring the best results for your awning installation. At Outershade, we supply luxury awnings in a range of fabrics, colours and designs. Choose your favourite combination and enjoy a luxury awning to suit your lifestyle. Plan ahead by obtaining a free, no-obligation quote.

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