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Glass Room Furniture Guide

Glass Room Furniture Guide

What makes a glass room a glass room? Sure, it may be constructed almost entirely out of sleek glass panels, but only once you add the furniture does it truly become a room. Glass rooms are there to relax, entertain and enjoy the view, so it’s important you pair it with the right furnishings. In this article, we provide some inspiration for how to furnish your glass room.


Comfortable seating is the most important part of any glass room. Grab yourself a nice sofa or a sofa and armchair combination. Sink into the cushions with friends and family and enjoy the stunning panoramic views.

And why stop at a sofa? Other suggestions include a rocking chair or bean bag. Whatever helps you to relax best.

Mood lighting

Marvelling at your garden in the daytime is one thing, but lying beneath the stars at night time is a whole different experience. Add some dimmable LED lighting to keep the lights low but the mood high. Perfect for warm evenings, dimmable LED lights let you continue entertaining throughout the night.


Nothing says cosy like a warm, fluffy rug. The perfect addition to any glass room, a rug will brighten up the space and make it feel like a true extension of your home. 


Glass rooms blur the lines between indoors and outdoors. Unlike conservatories, glass rooms produce the effect of being surrounded by nature despite being enclosed in glass. Adding plants to your indoor space will enhance this effect further. You’ll feel immersed in the outdoors without leaving the comfort of your own home. 

Glass ornaments

In keeping with the style of the room, why not add glass ornaments? Little glass touches will enhance the glass effect while simultaneously adding little homely touches to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Try adding glass vases or glass candleholders. Perhaps even a glass coffee table.

However you choose to furnish your glass room, make it your own. At Outershade, we create stunning glass rooms bespoke to your requirements. Designed in your choice of shape, size and style, your glass room will be one of a kind. Make use of our free home visit and measuring service to start your journey to owning a stunning glass room. We even provide a free design consultation to ensure that your glass room is made exactly to your liking.

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