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Glass Room vs Conservatory

Glass Room vs Conservatory

Conservatories may be more traditional, but glass rooms are quickly becoming the extension of choice for contemporary homes. Made almost entirely of sleek glass panels, glass rooms offer many advantages over conservatories.

Glass rooms vs conservatories


Unsure of which is right for you? In this article, we outline the reasons why homeowners up and down the country are turning to glass rooms to accentuate their home.

Uninterrupted views

Perhaps the biggest advantage of glass rooms are the gorgeous, panoramic views they provide. Because glass rooms are composed almost entirely of glass panels with minimal sightlines, you can enjoy a complete view of the outdoors. You’ll feel immersed in nature without ever leaving the comfort of your glass room. Conservatories, with smaller windows and much larger sightlines, fail to create the same effect.

Flexible design

Conservatories have generally looked the same for decades. This is because the way they’re constructed limits their shape and size. Glass rooms, on the other hand, are made to measure and can be constructed in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Many customers will receive a completely unique design that perfectly complements the aesthetic of their home. In addition, glass rooms have a more contemporary style that is generally favoured over the more outdated appearance of conservatories.

Quick access to your garden

Glass rooms are designed to provide a smooth transition to your outdoor space. Sliding glass doors are usually incorporated to allow you to effortlessly open up an entire side of your glass room. This creates the effect of being inside and outside at once; you get the benefits of indoor shelter while breathing in the fresh outdoor air. Conservatories struggle to provide the same effect, as they are typically restricted to a single door that doesn’t open up the whole space.

Quick and easy installation

Most glass rooms can be installed in just 3-4 days, depending on the complexity of the installation. They almost never require planning permission and foundation work is rarely needed. Always ensure you use a reputable installer for the best results. 

At Outershade, our team is committed to supplying you with the perfect awning or glass room for your lifestyle. We offer free design consultations, site surveys and bespoke installation. Everything is made to your liking. Right down to the final panel. Order through Outershade and get up-front quotes, transparent pricing and exceptional customer service.

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