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How to Increase Capacity at Your Restaurant

How to Increase Capacity at Your Restaurant

You can significantly increase the profitability of your business with a few small changes.

Increasing your seating capacity allows more customers to eat at your restaurant at one time. If you can attract more than your current maximum capacity, you could see profits increase significantly. 

But it’s not a matter of squeezing a few more seats into a cramped space. Additional seating is only half the equation — it also needs to be comfortable. 

Find out all the great ways to increase seating capacity in your restaurant with the tips in this month’s article.

How to increase capacity at your restaurant

Ways to increase restaurant seating capacity

Communal tables

Fill excess space by switching out individual tables for communal tables. Communal tables will increase your seating capacity without taking up more room. 

A recent trend, the introduction of communal tables will also modernise your restaurant, making it more inviting to a younger crowd. They’re also great for encouraging a more social atmosphere and accommodating larger parties.

Experiment with different seating arrangements 

Is the seating arrangement in your restaurant optimal for your space? Try experimenting with different seating arrangements and table sizes to increase capacity. Restaurants sometimes miss the opportunity to add seating to corners or unusual nooks.

Add or increase outdoor seating

Since the pandemic, it has become more common for customers to want to eat their meal outdoors. Many restaurants are losing a considerable amount of business by failing to give attention to their outdoor space. 

Outdoor dining can be tricky because it’s not ideal to sit in the open air on cold or rainy days. That’s why an awning is a great investment for any restaurant. Awnings provide shelter and with the right accessories can even provide warmth to customers so that they can enjoy outdoor dining throughout the year.

Benefits of a restaurant awning

Benefits of a restaurant awning

Restaurant awnings are a must-have for any eating establishment that wishes to invest in their outdoor seating. Restaurant awnings provide a variety of benefits to keep your customers comfortable, dry and happy.


The key to an awning is a suitable shelter to protect from the elements. The high-quality fabric is designed to block rain and snow, reduce glare and mitigate wind. This results in a more comfortable dining experience no matter the weather. 

Perfect size for you

All the awnings at Outershade are made bespoke to the needs of each client. Whether your outdoor space is large, small or an unusual shape, we can install an awning to match. With Outershade, your awning will perfectly match the dimensions of your outdoor space.

Improves aesthetics

Premium awnings are an elegant addition to any business. They can improve the overall look of your business, which in turn will bring in more customers. With Outershade, you can customise your awnings in thousands of design combinations. Find one that perfectly complements your restaurant.

Available with accessories

Combine your awnings with various accessories to elevate the dining experience. You can add infrared heaters to keep your customers warm on a cool evening, or add some LED lights to maintain a magical and relaxing atmosphere. Outershade provides a variety of accessories to complement your awning.

Awnings are more than just a luxury — they’re an investment. Purchase an awning from Outershade to take your outdoor dining experience to the next level. Outershade is a supplier of luxury awnings made bespoke to your needs. Each awning is crafted from the finest materials and packed with the latest technology.

Outershade transforms outdoor spaces in London and the Home Counties, including Surrey, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Berkshire and Kent.

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