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Most Common Problems with Awnings

Most Common Problems with Awnings

There’s nothing worse than venturing outside on a beautiful sunny day to find that your awning is faulty. It might not open and close correctly, or perhaps there’s damage to the fabric. In any case, you should address the fault as soon as you can to prevent the issue from getting worse.

In this article, we’ll explore the most common faults with awnings, their causes and the best ways to fix them.


Problem: My sensor is broken and my awning won’t automatically retract.

The sensor of your awning is responsible for extending and retracting the awning automatically. As with any electrical component, the sensor can become faulty, preventing the awning from opening as normal.

Cause: Torrential weather may have damaged the sensor, or the circuitry may have blown.

If the components or your awnings aren’t properly waterproofed, they can become damaged during bouts of heavy rain.

Solution: A professional can determine the problem with your sensor and whether it needs replacing. Replacing a sensor is simple and won’t require any other components to be tampered with. To avoid this issue altogether, make sure you get an awning with weatherproofed components.


Problem: The motor is broken and the awning won’t move.

The motor is responsible for the actual movement of your awning fabric. If the motor is broken, your awning won’t extend or retract as you press the remote.

Cause: The motor may have overheated or simply reached the end of its lifespan.

Solution: Contact a professional to examine the motor. They will be able to determine whether the motor needs fixing or whether they’ll need to replace it entirely.


Problem: The awning fabric is torn or mouldy.

Cause: Fabrics that aren’t suitably weather protected can become damaged, spawn mould or even rot following periods of adverse weather.

Solution: Awning fabric suffering with mold or rot will need to be replaced. A professional may be able to patch small tears without replacing all the fabric. If you do replace the fabric, get one with a suitable weatherproof coating. Don’t settle for low quality fabric, either. High quality fabrics will be more resistant to damage and will save you more money in the long run.

Pooling water

Problem: Water isn’t draining from the awning and is pooling on the fabric.

Cause: Poor installation and materials are usually to blame. If the awning isn’t pitched at the right angle, it won’t drain effectively. The fabric should also be water resistant to allow runoff.

Solution: Always ensure you use reputable installers to install your awning. You may need to recalibrate the pitch of your awning or replace the fabric. 

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