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Must-Have Awning Accessories

Must-Have Awning Accessories

Enhance your awning with a range of accessories from Outershade. We offer a variety of accessories that pair with all awning styles. From colourful lighting to practical side panels, our accessories take outdoor living to a whole new level.

In this article, we showcase some of the most popular awning accessories. 

Awning Brackets

Awning brackets

Awning brackets are a novel way to mount an awning away from the wall so that it will avoid any obstructions. This practical solution is ideal for mounting awnings to bungalows, roof trusses or top course brickwork. At Outershade, we provide custom-made awning brackets that allow for professional installation on any home.

LED Lighting

LED lighting

LED lighting is a simple but effective way to set the mood of your outdoor space. It can be integrated into the awning hardware for a seamless fit and is powered by a transformer box inside the awning itself. You can control the lights via a remote for full control at your fingertips. The dimming functionality makes it easy to create the perfect atmosphere.



Enjoy your outdoor space through all seasons with a heating system built for your awning. Infrared awnings convert electricity to heat, to create a warm and comfortable setting for you and your guests. Our heaters are sleek, stylish and can be paired with various awning styles.

Front/side panels

Front / side panels

Front or side panels offer privacy and additional protection against glare, heavy wind and rain. The panels are easy to install and fit neatly into the cassette of your awning. Extend your front or side panels when the sun is low to enjoy your outdoor space in total comfort. 

Wind sensors

Wind sensors

Wind sensors are an automatic safety device that protect the awning in unsafe wind conditions. The sensors detect when the wind gets too strong and will close the awning to prevent any damage. Wind sensors are ideal for awnings positioned in exposed locations or for protecting your awning when you aren’t home. 

These are just some of the great accessories available at Outershade. We’re the outdoor living experts, providing high quality awnings and accessories to homes and businesses across Surrey, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire and the surrounding areas. If you’re looking to transform your outdoor space, look no further than Outershade. We have everything you need for the perfect outdoor living experience.

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