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What Are the Benefits of a Glass Room?

What Are the Benefits of a Glass Room?

Glass rooms have become an increasingly popular addition to modern homes. Unlike conservatories, glass rooms are almost entirely composed of sleek glass panels, giving you uninterrupted views of your outdoor space. But that’s not the only advantage of glass rooms — there are a number of reasons why homeowners up and down the country have set their sights on a glass extension. Check them out in this month’s article.

Panoramic views

Near-360° of glass panels give you stunning, uninterrupted views of your outside space. Partnered with rolling hills or a lush garden, you can enjoy nature at its fullest without being exposed to the weather. 

When you do want to immerse yourself in nature, simply slide open the doors to merge the indoors and outdoors.

More space

At its core, a glass room is an extension of your home. You’ll have more space to enjoy the things you love, be it indulging in a hobby, entertaining friends or simply relaxing. The latter is most popular, with many owners claiming that glass rooms were the most peaceful and calming space in the house.

Adds value to your home

As a luxury property extension, glass rooms can significantly increase the overall value of your home. This makes glass rooms an investment, rather than simply a purchase.

Made just the way you like it

Glass rooms can be made bespoke to your requirements. Not only will you acquire a stunning addition to your home, but it will be tailor made just for you. Choose a reputable installer who can help you design the shape, doors and roof of your new glass structure.

No planning permission required

In the vast majority of cases, planning permission won’t be required for installing a glass room onto your house. This makes installation quick and easy, especially if you use a reputable installer. Though planning permission is almost never required, you may want to contact your local authority just to make sure.

Lie beneath the stars

Is there anything more magical than lying under the stars or watching the sun rise? Now you can do both from the comfort of your own home. Glass rooms let you experience these marvels without having to leave your home, so you can enjoy all the sky’s wonders no matter the weather.

Can be paired with an awning for even more benefits

A glass room can be combined with a bespoke awning to enhance the space even further. An awning provides shade, sun protection and privacy at the touch of a button. Choose a specialist that offers both glass rooms and awnings for a seamless installation process.

Outershade are outdoor living experts, providing bespoke glass rooms and awnings to customers across Surrey, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire. Pick your perfect design from hundreds of combinations, tailoring everything from the doors and shape of your glass room to the colour and fabric of your awning. 

Experience the true luxury of a glass room and awning. Contact our team to find out more or fill out our online form to receive your free quote.

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