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What Colour Awning Should I Get?

What Colour Awning Should I Get?

Choosing the right colour for your awning is an important job. You shouldn’t simply pick your favourite colours, as not every colour will work with the exterior of your property. In order to boost kerb appeal, you must ensure you choose suitable colours.

What colour awning should I get?

So which colours should you go for? Find out by reading this article.

Architectural pairs

You might wish to choose a colour for your awning based on the architectural style of your home. Some colours will accentuate the style whereas others will clash.

Do you have a cottage style or colonial style house? If so, striped awnings are a great choice.

Do you have a traditional style home? Neutral colours such as navy blue and forest greens are a good addition to a traditional home.

Do you have a contemporary style home? Contemporary style homes give you the freedom to use bold, bright colours.

Do you have a stucco style home? Pastel colours such as salmon, beige or terra cotta will work best here.

What’s in style?

When checking which colours are in style, there’s no better place than Pantone. The colour matching giants recently named Illuminating — a bright yellow hue — and Ultimate Gray as its 2021 colours of the year.

Just remember, trends change often — what might be stylish today might not be tomorrow!

Colour pairs

In addition to the style of your home, you should also take the external colour of your home into consideration. 

Do you have a tan home? Blue, green or red awnings can be complementary.

Do you have a white home? We recommend a yellow awning for a white home. Why not go with Pantone’s colour of the year?

Do you have a dark-coloured home? Brown works with most dark coloured homes. 

Remember, darker colours will absorb sunlight, whereas lighter colours will reflect it. If you want to reduce the amount of heat on your deck or patio, we recommend choosing a lighter colour.

Colours for businesses

The colour of your commercial awning is exceptionally important. If it is on a storefront it will be one of the first impressions your customers get of your shop and your business as a whole.

It is always wise to choose a colour that matches, or at least pairs with, your branding. If the colour of your awning matches your branding, customers may be able to recognise your shop from further away. It also maintains a consistent and clean look.

On the contrary, if you choose a colour that clashes with your branding, it may make your shop appear messy and unprofessional. This may repel potential customers.

Outershade is a leading supplier of luxury, bespoke awnings. Our mission is to supply you with the perfect awnings for your lifestyle. Choose from hundreds of design combinations, including your choice of style, colour and fabric. All our awnings are made with the finest materials to ensure a high-quality and long-lasting product.

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