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What Size Awning Do I Need?

What Size Awning Do I Need?

While design, colour and style are all important considerations when buying a luxury awning, it’s equally important to consider the size.

Though Outershade awnings are made to measure, you must still decide on the width and projection of the awning.

If these terms mean little to you, don’t worry. In this article, we’ll explain what is meant by awning width and projection, and how you can decide the perfect size for your new luxury awning.

what size awning do i need?

What is meant by awning width?

Awning width refers to the length of the wall-mounted bar. The longer the bar, the wider your awning.

Consider how far horizontally you want your awning to stretch. A good way to get a rough idea is to use a tape measure to measure a horizontal line across the wall where you plan on installing your awning. Don’t worry if gutters or other obstructions get in the way, those can be bypassed with awning brackets. Simply measure straight across as best you can.

What is meant by awning projection?

Awning projection refers to the distance the awning extends away from the wall. 

Awning projection doesn’t take pitch into consideration, so when you are measuring for projection you want to keep your tape measure straight.

To get a rough idea of projection, simply measure a straight line from the wall to however far you want your awning to protrude.

How much width to projection is recommended?

The standard recommendation is for the awning projection to be 0.5m less than its width. The most common measurements for a patio awning are 3m width and 2.5m projection.

However, this is not mandatory and the Outershade team would be happy to discuss and advise if you wish for more or less than a 0.5 metre difference.

Can I get an awning with a projection greater than the width?

It is rare to have an awning with a larger projection than its width. Many awnings aren’t able to facilitate it at all, as the arms don’t close correctly.

But it is not impossible, and at Outershade we endeavour to create your awning exactly how you’d like it. That’s why we offer ‘stretch awnings’, which have offset arms capable of folding underneath one another. Stretch awnings are ideal if you want a lot of shade but have little width to work with. The only requirement of a stretch awning is that you have a considerable amount of depth for the increased awning height.

Can I get an awning with a significantly greater width?

If you’re ideal awning is considerably wide, a popular solution is to couple the awnings. This is where we take two awnings and install them side by side to create the illusion of a single seamless awning. 

Coupling awnings can be achieved with patio, veranda, conservatory and vertical designs.

Outershade is your local supplier of luxury awnings made bespoke to your requirements. We provide high quality awnings and garden fixtures to transform your outdoor space. With thousands of design combinations to choose from, we can bring your dream awning to life. Book a free site survey and one of our experts will visit your site to take measurements. We can discuss your preferences, including width and projection. If required, we can supply coupled awnings and folded awnings. Plus, we even use awning brackets to fit your awnings over the gutter.

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