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Do Carports Add Value to Your Home?

Do Carports Add Value to Your Home?

A carport is more than just a luxury shelter that protects your vehicle — it can also add value to your home. In fact, the value added to your home can even offset the cost of installation. That makes carports more than just a luxury —  they’re an investment.

Carports add value to your home by increasing the security, aesthetics and storage space on your property.  In this article, we take a look at these benefits in greater detail.

Do carports add value to your home?

How carports add value to your home

  • By increasing security of your vehicle

The facility to store and secure a vehicle is a much-desired characteristic of a property. Many people in the market for a new home will only consider properties with a suitable space to keep their vehicle.

Carports protect vehicles from harmful UV rays, inclement weather and falling objects or branches. Home buyers are willing to pay more for this facility in exchange for not having to pay for car repairs later down the line. 

  • By improving the overall aesthetic of the property

Carports feature an elegant contemporary design that modernises any property. Made using robust aluminium and sleek glass panels, carports complement a property and enhance its visual appeal. 

  • By creating additional storage space

Even if a property already has a garage, a carport can provide additional storage space for future vehicles. Some home buyers may be planning to add another vehicle to their collection but don’t have the space in their garage. Alternatively, they may consider other types of vehicles, such as boats, that they can store away from their cars. Carports provide a wealth of options that will appeal to many prospective buyers.

  • By providing outdoor living space

A carport doesn’t have to be used for storing a vehicle. In fact, when a vehicle is not parked in the carport, the space makes for a great lounging area. Thanks to the overhead shelter, you can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about harmful UV rays or inclement weather. Just grab a few chairs, kick back and relax.

  • By increasing energy efficiency

In contrast to a traditional garage, carports don’t require electric door openers or lighting. Their minimalist design is one of their best assets, as they won’t eat up your electricity bill. Using a carport instead of a garage is a great way to save money on your energy bill while also saving the planet. It’s a win-win.

Is a carport worth it?

Is a carport worth it?

A carport is absolutely worth the money — just for the increased property value alone. But putting aside the increase in value, carports offer so many great benefits. Carports are versatile, excellent for vehicle storage and security, are stylish in design and are even energy efficient. You can check out all the great benefits of carports in greater detail here.

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